Floating Gardens

Migrating Floating Gardens in Utopia Forever

Utopia Forever: Visions of Architecture and Urbanism

Whether created by established architects and artists or new talents, the examples in Utopia Forever are important catalysts for fundamental change and are radically shaping our notions of life in the future. The current projects and concepts from architecture, city planning, urbanism, and art collected here point beyond the restrictions of the factual to unleash […]

Migrating Floating Gardens in kerb 18

kerb 18

Migrating Floating Gardens: Airscape Architecture is featured in kerb 18, the Journal of Landscape Architecture at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology.

Migrating Floating Gardens v2.0: Airscape Architecture

Migrating Floating Garden overhead

With some notable exceptions, western urban environments encroached upon outlying wilderness creating a separation between “the built environment” and “the natural environment”. This distinction eventually gave birth to a profession initially patronized by royalty, government and religious entities who held dominion over the “scape” that could be organized by the features the land had to […]

Pruned on Migrating Floating Gardens

Picture 19

“One wonders if there will be an outbreak of botanical piracy, whereby someone lassos in one of the floating mobile gardens by the tentacles and anchors it right above his house all summer long, its cooling shades cutting down his air conditioner use, not to mention his electricity bill.” Read more at Pruned.

Migrating Floating Gardens

Gardens above Dubai

Migrating Floating Gardens is a sketch for a project that predicts the next location for green in urban environments. Historically, urban environments encroached upon outlying wilderness and green was detached from the city. Subsequently green was introduced first on the horizontal plane in the form of parks. Modernity and the development of dense, high-rise construction […]