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Bloom is a 9 foot tall freestanding tempietto with a footprint that measures approximately 12 feet by 12 feet and is composed of 840 customized 3D printed blocks. The experimental pavilion represents a new paradigm in building construction methods. A pattern derived from traditional Thai flower patterns is mapped onto the surface of the structure […]

3D Printed House 1.0


3D Printed House 1.0 (3D打印的房子 1.0) is a case study in 3D printing major components of a 3D printed house for the Jin Hai Lake Resort Beijing. The exterior cladding of 3D Printed House 1.0 will be constructed 3D printed using a special 3D printed fiber reinforced cement polymer, developed by Emerging Objects. The variegated pattern allows […]

Interview with Virginia San Fratello and Philippe Rahm

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San Fratello & Rahm – AIA Material 2013 from Ron V. Brown on Vimeo. The AIA National Conference entitled Material was held in Melbourne in June 2013 and ArchiTel attended with the Architecture on the Radio 3RRR-FM team of Stuart Harrison, Simon Knott and Rory Hyde. Together we interviewed conference keynote speakers Virgina San Fratello (USA) and Philippe Rahm […]

emerging objects

  Rael San Fratello Architects launches emerging objects, a pioneering design and research company that specializes in designing and 3D printing objects for the built environment. Our research and designs focus on the development of innovative 3D printed objects that serve the fields of architecture, interior design, furniture design and product design. Design research will […]

Digital Wood: The Bevel Bowl


The Bevel Bowl represents a new innovation by Rael San Fratello Architects—3D printed wood! Made from reclaimed and recycled wood and cellulose material, the 3D printed wood has the look and feel of medium density fiberboard wood products, but can take any shape imaginable. The 3D printed wood is water resistant, durable and strong and […]