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Digital Ceramics

Geomemetic architectural components

Earth Architecture (Princeton Architectural Press 2008) presents the most widely used building material on the planet—earth (soil, clay, gravel and sand)—as relevant to contemporary and modern architecture and dissolves preconceptions that it is a fragile material in use only in poorer, developing nations. In the book’s afterword, a future scenario for the material is posed—one […]

Night Garden

Graduate students Timothy Kim and Magic Kwan assemble the Night Garden

The Night Garden is inspired by the historic Spanish courtyards of New Orleans that were built after the fires of the 1780’s and 90’s. Their construction was mandated to be constructed from ceramic masonry (brick) and include a water fountain that could be used to exterminate future fires. The use of ceramic masonry for construction […]

The Planter Brick

Plant and animal habitat are created by the bricks

The planter brick wall is designed to be a combination of traditional masonry units combined with units that can hold plants and vegetation. The plants matched with the bricks require little, if any, soil, but they do need water and nutrients. The planter bricks have the potential to counter the heat island effect in big […]

Casa Inmovil

Physical model showing canopy structure

The design for the Casa Inmovil house of two contemporary living spaces constructed of adobe which are carefully placed beneath an airy and light canopy that collects water and provides plenty of outdoor shade. The two separate living units, one containing cooking/living and the other, sleeping and bathing, are in the tradition in Chihuahuan vernacular […]

Ecole de Tentou

The design draws inspiration from the local context

The Utah based organization, Daily Dose foundation, former NBA player Soumaila Samake and villagers from Tentou, Mali, West Africa desired a school for the village’s 400 children. Samake was born in Tentou and asked the Daily Dose foundation to help build the school for his village. That was when Daily Dose approached Rael, an expert […]