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The dredged material continuously defines and redefines the temporary surface programs

Dredged material taken from the bottom of our rivers and harbors is not hazardous material like sewage sludge and industrial waste. While some of it contains minute amounts of chemicals and heavy metals, the contamination levels are significantly below those classified as hazardous or toxic under state or federal laws. Dredged mud can be processed […]

Food Archipelagos of the Sacramento River Delta (SRD)

By 2110, changing agricultural practices forced by rising tides will reshape the SRD landscape.

In the next 100 years, the ocean will rise approximately 1 meter, completely inundating the nation’s most fertile region with sea water. Dredging and the management of dredged material are an important function in the United States and the Bay area. In order to maintain channels and harbors at safe depths, periodic dredging is required. […]