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Mud House

Entrance to the Mud House

The Mud House (a.k.a. Mowers-Tick Residence, a.k.a. Box Box House) is located in in the high West Texas desert in the town of Marfa, TX. The house is inspired by the landscape, traditional building practices and the contributions of Donald Judd and is situated in a landscape of  ocotillo, mesquite, yucca and sotol with a […] on Earth Architecture

Screen shot 2011-09-11 at 7.33.02 PM, the online home for fresh and compelling content that’s geared towards kickstarting a smarter 2.0 way of living, features a discussion with Earth Architecture author, Ronald Rael.

Earth Architecture: Now in Paperback

Earth Architecture: The Book

The groundbreaking survey Earth Architecture is now available in a paperback edition. Only a few copies of the hardcover collectors edition are still available, but going fast. Buy Earth Architecture if you live in the following countries: [ U.S. | Japan | Germany | U.K. | France | Canada | Australia ] Read what others […]

Digital Ceramics

Geomemetic architectural components

Earth Architecture (Princeton Architectural Press 2008) presents the most widely used building material on the planet—earth (soil, clay, gravel and sand)—as relevant to contemporary and modern architecture and dissolves preconceptions that it is a fragile material in use only in poorer, developing nations. In the book’s afterword, a future scenario for the material is posed—one […]


The dredged material continuously defines and redefines the temporary surface programs

Dredged material taken from the bottom of our rivers and harbors is not hazardous material like sewage sludge and industrial waste. While some of it contains minute amounts of chemicals and heavy metals, the contamination levels are significantly below those classified as hazardous or toxic under state or federal laws. Dredged mud can be processed […]

Food Archipelagos of the Sacramento River Delta (SRD)

By 2110, changing agricultural practices forced by rising tides will reshape the SRD landscape.

In the next 100 years, the ocean will rise approximately 1 meter, completely inundating the nation’s most fertile region with sea water. Dredging and the management of dredged material are an important function in the United States and the Bay area. In order to maintain channels and harbors at safe depths, periodic dredging is required. […]

Santuario de los Pobladores

1:1 scale mock-up of labyrinth using straw bales from above

El Santuario de los Poblares was commissioned by the oldest church in Colorado, Our Lady of Guadalupe Parish, to preserve, enlighten and nuture awareness of the congregation’s Catholic and Spanish culture and traditions. The project is also intended to increase tourism by creating an iconic spiritual landscape. The design is an outdoor chapel and prayer […]

Earth Architecture


Currently it is estimated that one half of the world’s population—approximately three billion people on six continents—lives or works in buildings constructed of earth. And while the vast legacy of traditional and vernacular earthen construction has been widely discussed, little attention has been paid to the contemporary tradition of earth architecture. Author Ronald Rael, founder […]

Prada Marfa

2,500 mud bricks were used in the construction of Prada Marfa

On July 13, 2005, 22 miles north of the U.S./Mexico border, patrol agents from the Marfa Sector of the United States Border Patrol surrounded five people traveling through the Chihuahua Desert in West Texas. Suspecting illegal activity, the agents had been informed that illegal immigrants were detected by the tethered aerostat radar system hovering overhead […]

Casa Inmovil

Physical model showing canopy structure

The design for the Casa Inmovil house of two contemporary living spaces constructed of adobe which are carefully placed beneath an airy and light canopy that collects water and provides plenty of outdoor shade. The two separate living units, one containing cooking/living and the other, sleeping and bathing, are in the tradition in Chihuahuan vernacular […]

Siyathemba Pitch Wall-Scape

Changing room

The Siyathemba Pitch Wall-Scape is a community gathering place for children and adults. Constructed of mud-brick, the labryinthian Wall-Scape contains passageways and a small play room for young children and a larger, private room for changing with storage areas and benches. The changing room can also serve as a class room, or as a private […]

Ecole de Tentou

The design draws inspiration from the local context

The Utah based organization, Daily Dose foundation, former NBA player Soumaila Samake and villagers from Tentou, Mali, West Africa desired a school for the village’s 400 children. Samake was born in Tentou and asked the Daily Dose foundation to help build the school for his village. That was when Daily Dose approached Rael, an expert […]