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Migrating Floating Gardens v2.0: Airscape Architecture

Migrating Floating Garden overhead

With some notable exceptions, western urban environments encroached upon outlying wilderness creating a separation between “the built environment” and “the natural environment”. This distinction eventually gave birth to a profession initially patronized by royalty, government and religious entities who held dominion over the “scape” that could be organized by the features the land had to […]

Digital Fabrication and Hybrid Interface: Lessons in Agriculture

GPS, GIS and satellite surveillance assist in cultivating hyperculture

Two vitally important fields of work in architecture and computing – in digital fabrication methods and in the development of interfaces between digital and analog systems – can find new forms in their combination with one another. Moreover, a recent such experiment in the production of landscape rather than building not only suggests a number […]

Migrating Floating Gardens

Gardens above Dubai

Migrating Floating Gardens is a sketch for a project that predicts the next location for green in urban environments. Historically, urban environments encroached upon outlying wilderness and green was detached from the city. Subsequently green was introduced first on the horizontal plane in the form of parks. Modernity and the development of dense, high-rise construction […]


Monoculture, Polyculture, Permaculture, Hyperculture A first step away from monoculture is the move to polyculture; and then onwards to the broader permaculture (a contraction of both “permanent agriculture” and “permanent culture”). Hyperculture goes further, as it captures the unity of agriculture and the information interface. Satellite information networks today drive the creation of landscape. But […]