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3D Printed House 1.0


3D Printed House 1.0 (3D打印的房子 1.0) is a case study in 3D printing major components of a 3D printed house for the Jin Hai Lake Resort Beijing. The exterior cladding of 3D Printed House 1.0 will be constructed 3D printed using a special 3D printed fiber reinforced cement polymer, developed by Emerging Objects. The variegated pattern allows […]

Mud House

Entrance to the Mud House

The Mud House (a.k.a. Mowers-Tick Residence, a.k.a. Box Box House) is located in in the high West Texas desert in the town of Marfa, TX. The house is inspired by the landscape, traditional building practices and the contributions of Donald Judd and is situated in a landscape of  ocotillo, mesquite, yucca and sotol with a […]

Hydro House

Interior Courtyard

The Hydro House collects water to use as a thermal mass and for evaporative cooling. The Hydro House has a roof pond, which contributes to thermal comfort in desert environments. As water runs off the roof it is collected in the Hydro Walls that enclose the house. The walls store the water and take advantage […]

Casa Inmovil

Physical model showing canopy structure

The design for the Casa Inmovil house of two contemporary living spaces constructed of adobe which are carefully placed beneath an airy and light canopy that collects water and provides plenty of outdoor shade. The two separate living units, one containing cooking/living and the other, sleeping and bathing, are in the tradition in Chihuahuan vernacular […]