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Mud House

Entrance to the Mud House

The Mud House (a.k.a. Mowers-Tick Residence, a.k.a. Box Box House) is located in in the high West Texas desert in the town of Marfa, TX. The house is inspired by the landscape, traditional building practices and the contributions of Donald Judd and is situated in a landscape of ¬†ocotillo, mesquite, yucca and sotol with a […]

Prada Marfa

2,500 mud bricks were used in the construction of Prada Marfa

On July 13, 2005, 22 miles north of the U.S./Mexico border, patrol agents from the Marfa Sector of the United States Border Patrol surrounded five people traveling through the Chihuahua Desert in West Texas. Suspecting illegal activity, the agents had been informed that illegal immigrants were detected by the tethered aerostat radar system hovering overhead […]