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PRAXIS 11+12

Embossing detail

The cover of PRAXIS issue 11+12 maps a conceptual path through the conversations held within the journal deriving an actual tool path of the most common words found within the journal. The primary words were organized in a word cloud using wordle and the tool path was derived by rhinocam. The cover stock paper was […]

Earth Architecture: Now in Paperback

Earth Architecture: The Book

The groundbreaking survey Earth Architecture is now available in a paperback edition. Only a few copies of the hardcover collectors edition are still available, but going fast. Buy Earth Architecture if you live in the following countries: [ U.S. | Japan | Germany | U.K. | France | Canada | Australia ] Read what others […]

Earth Architecture


Currently it is estimated that one half of the world’s population—approximately three billion people on six continents—lives or works in buildings constructed of earth. And while the vast legacy of traditional and vernacular earthen construction has been widely discussed, little attention has been paid to the contemporary tradition of earth architecture. Author Ronald Rael, founder […]