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Interview with Virginia San Fratello and Philippe Rahm

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San Fratello & Rahm – AIA Material 2013 from Ron V. Brown on Vimeo. The AIA National Conference entitled Material was held in Melbourne in June 2013 and ArchiTel attended with the Architecture on the Radio 3RRR-FM team of Stuart Harrison, Simon Knott and Rory Hyde. Together we interviewed conference keynote speakers Virgina San Fratello (USA) and Philippe Rahm […]

SOL Grotto

Photo: Matthew Millman

SOL Grotto is a spartan retreat—a space of solitude and close to nature where one is presented with a mediated experience of water, coolness and light . The SOL Grotto also explores Solyndra’s role as a company Sh*t Out of Luck. 1,368 of the 24 million high tech glass tubes destined to be destroyed as […]

WAVE Curtain

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The WAVE curtain is a passive solar curtain that is designed to admit the low winter sun into the building interior and restrict the direct, intense summer sun in order to help keep the interior cool. The curtain does this through the use of cylindrical tubes that vary in width and depth along the length of the window. Because the cylindrical […]

Life Safety Border Beacon


When solar energy is coupled with water collection, it also offers a key component for the establishment of life safety beacons along the border. The principal cause of death among migrants attempting to cross the border illegally is dehydration. Solar generated electricity could power beacons that inform border patrol of both immigrants or American citizens […]