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Straw Gallery

Detail. Photography: Matthew Millman

The Straw Gallery was designed for HEDGE Gallery for the 4th annual sf20/21 San Francisco Art and Design Show held at the Festival Pavillion, Fort Mason Center. The temporary gallery was on display from September 15th through 18th opening with a benefit for the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art’s educational programs. The gallery is […]

Santuario de los Pobladores

1:1 scale mock-up of labyrinth using straw bales from above

El Santuario de los Poblares was commissioned by the oldest church in Colorado, Our Lady of Guadalupe Parish, to preserve, enlighten and nuture awareness of the congregation’s Catholic and Spanish culture and traditions. The project is also intended to increase tourism by creating an iconic spiritual landscape. The design is an outdoor chapel and prayer […]

Hay House

Entrance to the Hay Bale House

The Hay Bale House is a house of anticipation, intended for climates with cool springs and falls, warm summers and cold winters, as well as locations with relationships to agrarian production. The design announces the changing seasons and the harvest. A simple, airy pumice-crete structure provides shelter and enclosure suitable for temperate months. Sleeping areas, […]