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Life Safety Border Beacon


When solar energy is coupled with water collection, it also offers a key component for the establishment of life safety beacons along the border. The principal cause of death among migrants attempting to cross the border illegally is dehydration. Solar generated electricity could power beacons that inform border patrol of both immigrants or American citizens […]

Night Garden

Graduate students Timothy Kim and Magic Kwan assemble the Night Garden

The Night Garden is inspired by the historic Spanish courtyards of New Orleans that were built after the fires of the 1780’s and 90’s. Their construction was mandated to be constructed from ceramic masonry (brick) and include a water fountain that could be used to exterminate future fires. The use of ceramic masonry for construction […]



Located at the end of Fifth Avenue leading to South Beach, in the Miami Beach Area, is a “Pier-Museum” which, pointing out to sea, stands a horizontal monument to all the immigrants who have arrived on these shores in search of a better future. This 100 meter long structure points out to sea off Miami […]

Hydro House

Interior Courtyard

The Hydro House collects water to use as a thermal mass and for evaporative cooling. The Hydro House has a roof pond, which contributes to thermal comfort in desert environments. As water runs off the roof it is collected in the Hydro Walls that enclose the house. The walls store the water and take advantage […]

The Hydro Wall

Tilt-up construction

The Hydro Wall is an advanced thermal mass. Thermal mass is simply a solid or liquid material that will absorb and store warmth and coolness until it is needed. Through direct gain design, sunlight is admitted to the wall and virtually all of it is converted to thermal energy. The Hydro Wall is used for solar […]

Casa Inmovil

Physical model showing canopy structure

The design for the Casa Inmovil house of two contemporary living spaces constructed of adobe which are carefully placed beneath an airy and light canopy that collects water and provides plenty of outdoor shade. The two separate living units, one containing cooking/living and the other, sleeping and bathing, are in the tradition in Chihuahuan vernacular […]