Thresholds 40


An essay, Boundaryline Infrastructure by Ronald Rael, and Borderwall as Architecture is featured in Thresholds 40: Socio-.

PRAXIS 13: Ecologics


Borderwall as Infrastructure, as presented in the WPA 2.0 Competition, as well as the cover design by Rael San Fratello Architects, is featured in PRAXIS 13: Ecologics.

Interior Design


The Straw Gallery for Hedge is featured in the March 2012 issue of Interior Design Magazine’s Positivity Issue.



The Seat Slug is featured in December issue of l’Arca. The issue is guest edited by Richard Meyer with a focus on texture.

Moderators of Change

Moderators fo Change

The essay, “Designing Local” is featured in the new book Moderators of Change, edited by Andres Lepik.  The book focuses on the socially responsible role of architecture as more and more people around the world live under unacceptable conditions, for instance in slums and shantytowns. Based on twenty projects that have been implemented as well as stances taken […]

MARK Magazine


Rael San Fratello are featured in the October/November issue of MARK Magazine.  

Migrating Floating Gardens in Utopia Forever

Utopia Forever: Visions of Architecture and Urbanism

Whether created by established architects and artists or new talents, the examples in Utopia Forever are important catalysts for fundamental change and are radically shaping our notions of life in the future. The current projects and concepts from architecture, city planning, urbanism, and art collected here point beyond the restrictions of the factual to unleash […]

Migrating Floating Gardens in kerb 18

kerb 18

Migrating Floating Gardens: Airscape Architecture is featured in kerb 18, the Journal of Landscape Architecture at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology.