Bevel Bowl

Objects by Architects at MIT

Haeckel (Bevel) Bowl

Objects by Architects, curated by Sarah M. Hirschman, presents a selection of design objects “smaller than a breadbox,” designed by working architects. Includes work by: Molo, Stanley Saitowitz, Actual / Josh Jakus, Eternity Stew, Moorhead + Moorhead, Meejin Yoon / MY Studio, Deger Cengiz, Nervous System, Barbara Flanagan, Yung Ho Chang, Cheryl Baxter, Nader Tehrani […]

Digital Wood: The Bevel Bowl


The Bevel Bowl represents a new innovation by Rael San Fratello Architects—3D printed wood! Made from reclaimed and recycled wood and cellulose material, the 3D printed wood has the look and feel of medium density fiberboard wood products, but can take any shape imaginable. The 3D printed wood is water resistant, durable and strong and […]