HEX Curtain

The HEX curtain is designed to open and close automatically in response to natural daylighting conditions. Each row of the HEX  curtain is composed of  hexagonal shaped apertures that are covered by 2 operable shields.

aperture diagram

The 2 shields have the ability to pivot open and closed. The shields are hinged at the bottom and threaded at the top. The top thread connects each shield to the one next to it. At the end of each row a rotary motor pulls the thread and slowly opens or closes the shields in tandem.

micro-controller diagram

The rotary motor is driven by an arduino microcontroller connected to a solar sensor so on a sunny summer day the shields remain closed and on a sunny winter day the sheilds are automatically opened to allow sun to enter the interior and warm the space. The HEX curtain is constructed of laser sintered nylon and is 3D printed in 27” x 22”  panels.

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