Burrito Wall

Vendors and clients can meet and socialize across the divide

Casual exchange is common across the border wall ranging fro small talk, long visits with friends and family, and commercial exchanges of items ranging from food and bracelets to illegal merchandise. The Burrito Wall accommodates for a food cart to be inserted into the wall. The proximity to the wall and the security overhang create shade. Seating is built into the wall and food, conversation or a bi-national game of footsies can occur across the border.

Natural gas and electricity infrastructure is built into the wall so vendors can 'plug-in'

As people line up for street cuisine, the urban context is activated

Project Date: 2009
Project Team: Ronald Rael, Virginia San Fratello, Brian Grieb, Nicholas Karklins, Emily Licht, Plamena Milusheva, Colleen Paz, Molly Reichert
Project Info: Border Wall as Architecture was selected as a finalist in the WPA 2.0 competition. Read more about the Border Wall as Architecture here.

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