Sukkah City NYC 2010

Rael San Fratello Architects has been selected from over 600 entrants to participate in the Sukkah City competition. Our concept, The Homeless House, will use signs collected from the homeless to clad the entire structure. Just as the sukkah commemorates shelter provided during the forty desert-wandering years of Exodus, the design for our sukkah brings attention to the contemporary state of homelessness and wandering and will serve as a vehicle to raise awareness of homelessness in the United States.

Because of the great effort needed to obtain enough signs, we are asking for your help. If you are interested in exploring your city, meeting people in need and offering a donation for their sign, please let us know.

Among the jurors for Sukkah City were Thom Mayne, Ron Arad, Geoff Manaugh, Adam Yarinsky, Ada Tolla and several other notable scholars, designers, architects, thinkers and writers. Sukkah City is organized by Reboot and the Union Square Partnership.

For more information about this project: [ | Sukkah City Winners ]

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